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Monday, August 8, 2022


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Oil Burner Services Listing Request Form

Listing Request for Online Database of Oil Burner Services

Please enter the following information and complete as many fields as possible.  Upon approval your listing will be added to the appropriate state page of our site.  If you would like higher visibility on our pages please contact us for more information.

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The following form is for Oil Burner Companies to add themselves to our online database. 

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Please check your email address for accuracy.  If you use a false email address or mistype it, then you will not be included in the listings.  Part of the approval process includes an email response from a valid email address that you enter. 

The text you enter here is the "exact way" your listing will be displayed on our listing pages.  That said, forms typed using "ALL CAPITAL LETTERS" will not be considered.  If a heading does not apply, simply leave it blank.  Repetitious entries will not be allowed.  In the case of duplicate entries the newest entry will automatically be used.

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The next fields (below) are used to index your listing by area, it is very important that the information is entered properly.  If it is incorrectly entered your listing may not appear in the correct geographical area. 

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IMPORTANT NOTES:  This section is very important as it may change the way your listing appears online or can decide if you get listed at all. 

Listings are alphabetically based by State, then City.

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The following information will be included in the listing and will appear exactly as you enter it here (please, not in ALL CAPITAL letters).  It is intended for a brief description of your business and areas of service. 

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The following information will not be included in the listing.  It is just a place for your feedback about our web site and services or any general comment  to us. 

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   Press the submit form button to complete your listing.  Once your listing has been reviewed and approved it will appear in the online database.  We reserve the right to approve or deny any listing, for any reason what-so-ever.


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